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Currently promoting her book Selfish, which I'm getting for everyone I know and love this coming Xmas, Kim Kardashian West stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday. Though the interview centered mostly on the process of compiling the book — including that mysterious iCloud hack — Kimmel also took the time to sneak in a couple Kanye and Bruce Jenner questions. Until official video arrives, we've compiled the key moments below.

According to Kim, the West family has finally moved out of mom Kris Jenner's home. In fact, Kim's recent Instagram of a seemingly stray baboon was taken in their new neighborhood. The baboon supposedly belongs to their neighbor.

Kanye isn't slouching on ensuring their new home has the finest furniture and decor. In fact, Kim says he flew to Belgium for a very specific type of wood and Fiji for a very specific type of fabric — and has been frequently visiting friends' apartments for inspiration.

Though Kimmel's joke about Bruce Jenner earlier in the broadcast smacked of an unfortunate sentiment, his questions surrounding Jenner's recent Diane Sawyer interview were surprisingly straightforward and seemingly genuine. Kardashian praised Jenner's bravery, even playfully joking that she told Jenner to "not steal my glam team."

Kimmel's public relationship with the Wests is fascinatingly wrought with contradictions, most notably Kimmel's not-funny parody of West's first Zane Lowe interview — a bit of lowest-common-denominator comedy not worth the extra attention it received following the brief media storm the clip brewed. Thus, whenever Kim or Kanye (usually Kim) graces Jimmy's couch — the world (Twitter) takes note.