Stay woke, like The Force apparently is, for new Star Wars footage is finally here. After blessing us with a teaser last Christmas, J.J. Abrams and the Lucasfilm squad threw a giant convention or whatever, with most of the cast in attendance to reveal the tiniest of tidbits. But screw a press conference: the real event was the film's first official full-length trailer, and oh my Vader this shit looks legit. The ultimate fanboy has become the auteur his favorite franchise needed to regain its swagger.

With release not scheduled until this Christmas, i.e. eight months away, of course the new visual just raises even more questions. But who cares when you have Luke Skywalker narrating, and a shot of OG Han Solo and Chewbacca to close it out, to say nothing of all the new characters and droids that look awesome with each new clip. If you have a soul and are not completely of the Dark Side, chances are you're positively geeking over the trailer along with the rest of us. Here are the emotions we are all feeling in uniform, in Star Wars GIFs, because of course.

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