Are the stars of HBO's gone-too-soon series about a couple of NYC friends trying get their streetwear brand off the ground really trying to make a third season of How to Make it in America happen?

If you believe everything you read in Victor Rasuk's Facebook photo captions, then yeah, they are. 

Rasuk, who played Cam on the series that was canceled in 2011, posted an Instagram photo on his Facebook page today. It showed him with former co-star Bryan Greenberg and came with an intriguing caption for fans:

The caption reads: "#Regram‬ hangin with my brotha from anotha @bryangreenberg We tryin' to make it happen people!! ‪#Season3‬ @getpaidedelman" @Getpaidedelman is the twitter account of How to Make It producer Ian Edelman.

Greenberg, for his part, originally posted the photo on his Instagram with no mention of reviving the series at all. 

But it's not really a crazy idea, at least not anymore. 

The show didn't have a huge following, but the fans it did have were devoted as hell, the cast (which included Lake Bell, Kid Cudi, Luis Guzman and Eddie Kaye Thomas) was solid, and the opening credit sequence was a hell of a love letter to NYC. 

In 2011 when the show was canceled, it didn't seem like a real option to revive a dead-yet-cult-followed series somewhere else. But in the wake of Kickstarter campaigns that brought back Veronica Mars as a movie, and the resurrection of Arrested Development on Netflix and Community on Yahoo, it seems doable.