Disney is very much in the Disney business, so it always comes as virtually no surprise when news of this nature surfaces. Guided by the Sundance-fueled vision of Listen Up Philip director Alex Ross Perry, Disney is bringing Winnie the Pooh into the Disney-approved future by way of a live-action update. This news, of course, pairs nicely with Disney's recent announcement that the equally Sundance-fueled vision of director David Lowery would be leading Pete's Dragon into cinemas in 2016.

As for Winnie the Pooh, Deadline reveals the story will reportedly involve an all-grown-up Christopher Robin returning to the Hundred Acre Wood for a reunion of sorts. Though the recent live-action update of the similarly revered classic Paddington proved that the mere act of updating is a point of contention for purists, Perry's attachment to this new chapter of the almighty Pooh is very much a good sign.

However, the guy who made this heated video immediately after reading the Pooh news certainly seems to vehemently disagree.



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