A Quebec man has been arrested after a road rage incident in which he threatened a family with a chainsaw. Video of the incident went viral after Karine Cyr posted it to Facebook. In it we see the 37-year-old man revving up his chainsaw outside the vehicle while children inside are heard crying. Police arrested the man in Saint-Jérôme Monday morning, CBS Montreal reports

"In the heat of the moment, I kept filming," Cyr told CBC Montreal. "As a mother, I got very angry. I said, 'Before threatening my children, come and see me.'"

Cyr says the man cut off her husband and was driving erratically. They followed his vehicle to get his license plate and report him to the police and ended up blocking him on a dead-end road. That's when the man got out of the vehicle and began making threats with the chainsaw. 

"Everyone will react differently, but I would like to say that if you see dangerous driving, do not follow the driver — the mistake that we made with two children in the back seat," Cyr said. "We regret it tremendously. If it happens to you, pull over and just call police."

You never know what kind of psychopaths are out there.