J.J. Abrams is really going to do it, the bastard. A worthy, modern-day Star Wars film, that's not a prequel but actually continues from the very neat and all but definitive conclusion in Return of the Jedi is almost upon us. And it looks fucking great. The first teaser smartly focuses on the new characters while leaving the confirmed core trio off-screen. Trailer 2's job: whet our appetite for the new story some more while serving us the visuals we've been waiting for since Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford announced their return. 

That's not Tatooine.

In Star Wars, when you see a desert planet the natural assumption is that it's Tatooine, home to both Skywalker heroes in both trilogies. But along with this trailer, that theory has officially been debunked. Instead it's a new planet. Interesting. But who cares about the geographic. Let's just bask in the glory of this extremely lit shot.

Is Darth Vader alive?

I've seen this theory floating around all weekend. I'm approaching this movie with an open mind and tons of trust, regardless, but God I hope not. That would just be lazy. The original trio returning is dope as fuck, but let's keep it there. New characters, new villains. Regardless, second coolest shot of a thoroughly awesome trailer.

Is it you, Adam Driver?

And who's this chief of Stormtroopers swag lord?

Confirmed: there is a black Stormtrooper.

Not a good guy hiding in Stormtrooper garb, as the first teaser implied. Although, it seems as if dude ends up switching teams regardless.

The new droid promises to be the cutest thing ever.

No disrespect to R2-D2.


And of course, the golden moment.

Where exactly is home? Who cares. We're all feeling very at home ourselves just watching this moment over and over.

Snap Judgment: I'm not watching any more trailers or clips between now and Christmas if I can help it. Take my money ASAP.

Bonus: 'Star Wars: Rogue One'

So, apparently the first Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One, (which already has a trailer that leaked earlier this year) takes place between Episodes III and IV and follows Rebel fighters' attempts to steal Death Star plans. Which is to say, it's a prequel where we know the exact outcome: miserable failure. So far the only thing super interesting about this is Gareth Edwards (MonstersGodzilla) at the helm.