There are three certain certain things in life: death, taxes, and a yearly Woody Allen movie. Even though the Wood-man is creating a TV series for Amazon, he's not going to let that stop his yearly movie-making routine (he's made one film every year since 1981). 

Like always, there is a plot secrecy about this new film project of Woody's—but the stars are coming out of the woodwork. Bruce Willis and Kristen Stewart will make their Woody Allen film debuts, and Jesse Eisenberg (who—when he's not creating Facebook, or going up against Superman—tends to follow K-Stew around like a puppy; this will be their third movie together) will be making his second Allen appearance (he co-starred in To Rome With Love one of the most forgettable of Allen's films). We know what Stewart and Eisenberg bring to this equation: she's the Youthful Allen Ingenue, and he's the likely concentration of Allen's neurotic tendencies. Willis is the wild card.

Allen's 2015 film entry is called Irrational Man and will be released July 24th. Irrational Man stars Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, and it's said to be a drama about a tawdry teacher-student relationship (gasp!). So strictly guessing—since that's all we can do with Woody Allen—as he favors alternating films that are serious and comedic at a 1:1 yearly ratio, that probably means that this Stewart-Willis-Eisenberg collaboration will be more lighthearted. 


But we've never had an Allen TV show to throw off his routine. Perhaps that's the comedy, and the movie is the next drama? 2016 will show those answers.