Conan O'Brien's (unofficial) diplomatic efforts in Cuba finally aired last night in a special episode of Conan. His visit, which was recorded last month, made him beat out the women of The View as the first host to film in Cuba since the U.S. embargo began more than 50 years ago. The reason for his trip was simple: "To meet the people and try to make friends," he said in the cold open. 

Obviously, the best way to do so is by drinking lots of rum. But for good measure Conan also took a Spanish lesson, survived the non-drinking portion of a rum museum (followed by the wonderful drinking portion), and learned the rhumba.

His journey through the streets also gave him the opportunity to take a dig at Anderson Cooper. "I'm realizing Anderson Cooper has a very easy job," he said while reporting on a barking dog. "This is what they do on CNN," he added before a headline popped up that read, "Havana Dog Stops Barking."

Watch the show's cold open above and more clips from the show here