The future of The Daily Show has been on everyone’s minds ever since last week when Jon Stewart announced he was leaving the news desk after 16 years. Predictions for a new host were made—here’s ours—and shot down by Jessica Williams and Joel McHale, respectively, both agreeing that they were under qualified for the tough job. Some people were praying for a miraculous John Oliver return to Comedy Central, despite Last Week Tonight, but HBO has put the kibosh on that by renewing the show for two more seasons. 

HBO programming President Michael Lombardo said of Oliver,  “His unique ability to deliver socially significant commentary week after week, along with his innate comedic brilliance, puts John in a class by himself.” We couldn't agree more. See his equal parts entertaining, equal parts enlightening takedowns on topics such as beauty pageants and America's broken college system.

 You can expect Last Week Tonight’s third season next year, with a fourth following in 2017. 


[via The Wrap]