When stars engage in star-fuckery you apparently get the type of after-party that Jimmy Fallon described on The Tonight Show. If you bristle at name dropping, tread with caution, but for everyone else, prepare to hear a fantasy party sequence. 

Fallon starts his recap mostly by talking about the show, and all the amazing performers that got off the elevator one by one: Eddie Murphy, Paul McCartney, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jack NicholsonTom Hanks played the cool uncle to Fallon and gave him a $20 bill for a joke. But around the 3:30 mark, Fallon ramps up to epic storytelling to explain the band situation for the after-party. There wasn't one. There were just instruments set up. The producers thought, hell, there's so many musicians and stars here, people will just wanna play for an hour before Questlove starts his DJ-set. 

Well, Fallon became ringleader, and one hour became three. Miley Cyrus sang about her goldfish, Debbie Harry, Bill Murray, Taylor Swift, Dan Aykroyd, Michael Bolton, Elvis Costello, and The B-52's all got in some impromptu jams. But it was Dave Chappelle who pointed out to Fallon that Prince needed to get up there. Fallon called him to the stage, and a purple sea parted. 

So that's what happens when stars become star-fuckers: they can convince Prince to play a song, and get Chris Rock to sing back-up. Must be nice!



Dude....this really really really really happened #O!!!!!!!!!! #SNL40 #SNL40afterparty

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