Blood in, blood out. Sylvester Stallone's Vietnam-war tested civilian warrior, John Rambo, was first introduced to film audiences 33 years ago, in First Blood. Stallone recently announced that the fifth Rambo film will retire the character, but it is no longer called Last Stand. Sly has christened it with the perfect, full-circle title Rambo: Last Blood. Stallone is writing, directing, and starring in the film. 

The last Rambo film, simply titled Rambo, saw the war vet travel to Thailand to rescue kidnapped Christian aid workers. Who knows what call of duty Rambo will take on for the final installment. Since it's the last, we hope that it's personal.

Stallone, who's seemingly never been one to turn down character reprisals, will also be starring in the Rocky spin-off Creed. It will be the seventh time Stallone has played Rocky Balboa. This go round, Balboa will be the Mickey (trainer) to his former opponent, Apollo Creed's grandson, Adonis (Michael B. Jordan). Creed will be the first Rocky film that Stallone will not be authoring. Those duties (and directing) have been bestowed upon Fruitvale Station helmer Ryan Coogler.

Stallone announced the Rambo title, while tweeting that after finishing the Rambo series, he will next star in Scarpa. Gregory Scarpa was a mafia hitman known by the cuddly nickname of “The Grim Reaper". Scarpa admitted to killing over 50 people during his employment with the Colombo family, but he later turned into an FBI informant and helped solve the famous “Mississippi Burning” case. Is this a full bio? Or a potential series starting with 50 kills? 50 First Bloods? Feel free to suggest that Sly.


Doing Scarpa based on Gangster Greg Scarpa after LAST BLOOD RAMBO...

— Sylvester Stallone (@TheSlyStallone) December 28, 2014

In the meantime, we will have to wait and see if Sly is really wrapping Rambo up. Maybe he has a Rambo: Last Blood Part II in him. 

[via Variety]