We guess that John Rambo's thirst for blood isn't quite quenched, yet. In a FEARnet interview with Conan the Barbarian writer Sean Hood, he casually mentioned that he submitted a screenplay for a fifth installment in the action film series. After meeting with Slyvester Stallone twice last year, the young scribe was given an older screenplay to use as inspiration for the last chapter of the Rambo saga.

Last chapter, eh? All we know is that the project, tentatively titled Rambo: Last Stand, has been given to Millennium Films for consideration. While making the project does seems to be on Stallone's to-do list, it could be a legitimate longshot to make, as he's currently filming Bullet to the Head with Jason Momoa, and has The Expendables 2 in pre-production. Summerian Sean is very careful to point out that he does not know if Sly will actually be down for the get-down.

So what do you think Stallone fans? Does the aging action star still have some more bullets left in the chamber? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[via FEARnet]