Militant group ISIS has reportedly released a video appearing to show a young boy executing two Russian spies. 

According to Mashable, the clip features interviews with two men identifying themselves as Mamayev Jambulat Yesenjanovich and Ashimov Serge Nikolayavich

The video includes interviews with two men who identify themselves as Russian Intelligence (FSB) agents Mamayev Jambulat Yesenjanovich from Kazakhstan and Ashimov Serge Nikolayavich, who says he used to be Muslim. The men state they were sent to spy on the militants in territory held by the Islamic State to relay information back to Russia in exchange for money

Following the interviews, the video reportedly shows the men with a radical and a boy, believed to be no more than 10. After the  militant reads a Quran scripture, the boy shoots both of them. 

Mashable notes that London-based jihadism expert Charlie Winter says the same boy has appeared in other ISIS videos. 

[via Mashable]