You can stop freaking out—all your favorite British shows won't be leaving Netflix at the end of the month. People were pretty pissed about reports that Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther, The Office and more would no longer be available due to Netflix's inability to negotiate a deal with the BBC.

Luckily, most of your favorite shows from across the pond are here to stay if you've already powered through the entire series of FriendsJohn Cleese classic Fawlty Towers is leaving though, so you really should watch that. Here's what will be on Netflix:

Classic Doctor Who

Doctor Who seasons 1-7

Copper seasons 1-2

House of Cards trilogy

Keeping Up Appearances season 1

Luther seasons 1-3

Monarch of the Glen seasons 1-6

North & South

Robin Hood seasons 1-3

The Buccaneers

The Office U.K. seasons 1-2

Top Gear seasons 17-20

Torchwood seasons 1-4

Wallander seasons 1-3

[via Variety]