Police in Chile arrested a woman after discovering over 20 marijuana plants in her home, authorities say. Worse, she even used one of the trees to spread holiday cheer.

In addition to the 21 marijuana plants, cops found 29 bags of weed, $400 in cash, and two homemade shotguns inside of 50-year-old Angelica Navarro Pereira's San Bernadino home. According to RT, the bulk of the plants were just under 5-feet-tall, though one was nearly 6-feet-tall.

Still, that's not even the most egregious detail of Pereira's arrest: she used the tallest plant as a Christmas tree which, as a neighbor told the Metro, she described as "the best tree in the world."  

Pereira has been charged with drug trafficking. 

[via Elite Daily, Metro and RT]