Around half of DC Comics' current print output will be coming to an end come March 2015, greatly affecting the output of their titles under the New 52 banner that was created as part of the company's revamp in 2011.

From April 2014, DC will be focusing on a new event called Convergence, which brings characters from multiple alternate realities together to face off, hence the name.

The full list of New 52 titles facing cancellation includes Aquaman and the Others, Red Lanterns, Secret Origins, Batman Eternal, Arkham Manor, Batwoman, Green Lantern Corps, Star Spangled War Stories, Earth 2: World's End,  Green Lantern: New Guardians, Infinity Man and the Forever People, Klarion, Swamp Thing, Trinity of Sin, Worlds' Finest, and Futures End.

It seems to mark the end of a relatively short era for the comics powerhouse; the cancellations come about as part of the company's March 2015 solicitations, which include a special 'zero issue' of Convergence that marks the launch of the new mega-event.

[via Wired]