Alexandra Daddario is on fire. Her career is taking off: See: True Detective, New Girl most recently, and now she’s being eyed for the Jessica Jones Netflix series. And she’s got the looks, which is why you should listen up as the actress just gave you the 411 on how to date her:

1. Look for her on Tinder

Daddario said it seemed like the “the best place to pick people up” citing her sis’ long-term relationship as a result of Tinder.

2. Use cheesy pick up lines and own them.

She said the best pick up line she’s gotten was the classic: “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice.”  

3. Take her on an active first date

Her ideal first date? Hiking or yoga. 

Watch the actress get physical with sports equipment for her GQ shoot above. You’ll be the one breaking out in a sweat.

[via GQ]