Do you remember Battleship? No, not the Rihanna vehicle that turned a Milton Bradley board-game into a summer movie, the actual Battleship game. The classic table top game almost ended with tragedy as a father pulled a loaded gun on his daughter after a fight broke out over the game. 

John Richard Valenzuela, 68, pointed a loaded rifle at his 17-year-old daughter after a fight broke out thanks to the board game. Police dispatchers received a series of 911 calls from the girl and managed to track her cell phone using GPS technology. Sgt. Spencer Cannon, of the Utah County Sheriff's department, said Valenzuela and his daughter were still fighting when police arrived. 

"They had a dispute. She tried to leave, he physically prevented her from leaving. Alcohol played a role here. Valenzuela pointed a loaded rifle at his daughter at least twice." 

Thankfully nobody was injured during the exchange and Valenzuela's daughter has been returned to her foster family.