If you've ever wanted to see wholesome comic book characters Archie, Betty and Veronica systematically hunted and murdered for sport by a dreadlocked alien with a cloaking device, today is your lucky day, weirdo. 

New York Comic Con saw the announcement today of an Archie x Predator crossover that will have Archie Comics cooperating with Dark Horse Comics on an "Archie Meets Predator" miniseries for spring of 2015, USA Today reported. 

The series will be written by writer Alex de Campi, who said she like the idea "because it's just completely insane. Let's take this gentle, beloved, classic teen cast and hunt them down and slaughter them one by one. Seriously, if you wouldn't jump at the chance to write something like this, you need your head examined. "

If we can get just one scene with mud-smeared Jughead holding a torch and screaming from the top of a jungle mountain for his slaughtered bros, it will be worth the cover price.

[Via IGN]