Monday was quite the emotional rollercoaster for SNICK fans who still enjoy seeing one half of Kenan & Kel on their TV screens. TMZ reported that Kenan Thompson, All That! underclassmen and Saturday Night Live veteran, was planning to leave the NBC sketch comedy institution behind after 11 years. For what, exactly? Who knows. Rumors of a new series in development as well as personal reasons regarding his wife and newborn baby abounded.

But for those of us who still masochistically tune into the consistently uneven SNL, the news was distressing to say the least. With a decade-plus under his belt and a few showy viral hits of "Dick in a Box" ilk, it's easy to forget about Kenan. But don't mistake his seemingly background role for anything less than being a crucial instrument in the SNL machine. Dare we say it, he's the glue that has held many sketches over this past decade together. Here's proof.