Kim Kardashian has a book of selfies coming out (called Selfish, obvis) and 454,003 selfies on her Instagram (approximate number), so if anyone knows a good selfie, it's her.

So in a stroke of genius this morning, Nick Grimshaw's Radio 1 Breakfast Show asked her to bring the hammer down on other people's narcissistic photos. Kim, who was obviously wearing a revealing dress even though it was just a radio show, ended up going pretty easy on all the contestants—except for you, Nathan Foster. Not feeling you. SHAME on you—because Mrs. West is apparently just that nice.

Kim also talked a little about Selfish, her 352-page ode to self-photography. "What people don't always says is that every time they post a selfie there's definitely about ten to fifteen pics that come before the one they post," she said. "If there was one that I posted that was kind of popular, like the one in the white bikini after I had the baby, there were about ten that I took to get to that one. So I'm posting all ten and then the one."

Okay sure, sounds like a good reason to make a book.

[via Grazia]