Five clubs in Loughborough, including the university's student union, are going to start breathalysing customers to see if they're too drunk to enter.

Explaining the new procedure Leicestershire Police said "door staff then will be able to make an informed decision as to whether that person should be allowed entry."

Loughborough's online student newspaper, The Epinal, warned fellow students that "the future of predrinks hangs in the balance". Leicestershire police have said that if the pilot scheme goes well it may be "rolled out on a wider and permanent basis across the area."

On the one hand, this could be used by clubs to make us buy their watered-down over-priced drinks instead of downing whatever the corner shop has on offer; on the other, no more wasted dickheads groping on the dancefloor and trying to fight whatever moves.

The scheme starts this friday - just in time for the new academic year! Lucky students.

[via The Epinal]