Staff at an Oklahoma school will never forget Lorie Ann Hill, though her future in education is likely over after she showed up to her first day of work without her pants, inexplicably intoxicated. 

According to the Tulsa World, Hill, 49, arrived at the Wagoner, Okla. home bright and early on Monday morning. Understandably alarmed by an employee who came to work drunk and pantsless, school officials contacted police, who reportedly found her "disoriented and without pants" inside of a classroom.  She wasn't completely exposed, as Wagoner Police Chief Bob Haley explained that she was "wearing shorts," not that it helped her situation that much.

After being approached by officers, Hill admitted to drinking before work. This was confirmed by the empty cup discovered inside of her car that reeked of vodka. Because police couldn't prove that she drove drunk, Hill dodged a DUI charge, but was charged on suspicion of public intoxication, which isn't any better for her "career."

[via Tulsa World]

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