Like a reanimated corpse rising from the graveyard of sidelined Hollywood projects, the movie based on the Dead Island video game is back in production.

Deadline reports that Occupant Entertainment and game publisher Deep Silver have agreed to team up to produce a movie based on the popular game that allows players to kill zombies on a tropical island during a vacation gone horribly wrong (or horribly right, depending on how you feel about zombie killin').  

The was a huge buzz around the game after its award-winning teaser trailer, which is a thing of absolutely horrific beauty even if you don't care about games, went viral in 2011. See it below: 

That kicked off a bidding war for the rights to make it into a movie, which ended up going to Lionsgate. Changes over there led to the project getting sidelined until now. 

The highly cinematic game seems perfect for a movie adaptation, and the people at Occupant are already talking franchise. Based on the trailer for the upcoming videogame sequel (which also has more than 10 million views) we're buying the hype. 

[Via Deadline]