Cancelling any kind of monthly subscription can be an absolute nightmare. Whether it is a gym membership, bankcard, or your cable service, the representative will give you a run-around to ensure you stay with their “amazing” company. Eventually, they may annoy you to the point where you either flip out or give in. This unrelenting salesmanship has never been more evident than in the case of Ryan Block vs. Comcast. 

Block, of AOL, called Comcast to cancel his service, and as expected the Comcast rep on the other line made him regret the call with every fiber of his being. The representative started an argument with Block as to why he’s cancelling his service, even going as far as to question what he wants to achieve by cancelling.

Most of us have been in the same situation, so we sympathize with Block, but this conversation / argument is just too funny not to laugh. Block did us all the honor of recording about eight minutes of his intense back-and-forth with the Comcast rep so we can enjoy it as much as he did (he probably enjoyed it far less than you’re about to).

Since Block uploaded the recording to his SoundCloud, we have the pleasure of bringing it to you now. Kudos to him for keeping his cool.

Disclaimer: this is not a prank.



[via The Verge