Well, this is a surprise: According to former Deadline editor-in-chief turned NikkiFinke.com founder, Nikki Finke, a third Father of the Bride film is in the works from the original director Charles Shyer. Apparently, the movie will focus on Matty, the son of George (Steve Martin) and Nina (Diane Keaton) who was portrayed by Kieran Culkin in the original films. Matty is now 29—who else feels so old now?—and engaged to a man who happens to be the son of a US Navy SEAL. From The Guardian:

Unable to process the news, the "thunderstruck and speechless" Banks is thrown out of the family home by Nina in the new storyline. Father of the Bride III will once again see original director and co-writer Charles Shyer taking charge of the cameras and working on the script.

Martin is already on board for the film, because a man needs hobbies apart from taking "auto-portraits" all day.

[via Vulture]

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