Ever since viewers first stepped foot into the world of Litchfield women’s prison, the nation has been hooked on Orange Is the New Black, the television adaptation of Piper Kerman’s compelling memoir. Season one ended with a bang, but Purple Revolver reports that season two, which premieres Friday June 6, will seek to focus on the backstories of the show’s other characters, as well as some newcomers. Actress Uzo Aduba, who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, also informed the Boston Globe about season two: 

“The season gets even deeper into the belly of the beast,” [Aduba] says. “We go further, not just with Suzanne but with every character and with the story itself. We really get into the trenches of what this prison world is, now that everyone, viewers included, has become acquainted with it. This season feels next-level to me.”

Orange Is the New Black swept the public with its uniqueness. Unlike most TV shows, it has a diverse, mostly female cast and sympathetically features characters that are often portrayed as villains, or simply not shown at all. What OITNB does differently is to humanize and empathize with the inmates, in turn making viewers recognize things in these women that they can also see in themselves. That being said, the show is no stranger to shocking actions and bad behavior.

In honor of the impending release of season two (and our inevitable binge-watching session), we’ve compiled a list of the best, most outrageous, and most touching moments of season one.

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