According to reports, Sony is handing out beta access to the upcoming Battlefield Hardline on the PlayStation 4 during next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). However you won't have to be in Los Angeles to get the goods. Attendees to Sony's “E3 Experience” which will be broadcast for free to select movie theaters around the country have already received access codes to the upcoming shooter. Fan can check for tickets at the PlayStation website.

The beta for Hardline is said to include two game modes and a single playable map, High Tension, which was leaked earlier this week and features a large urban environment with skyscrapers and lots of access for vehicles. It is unclear if a Hardline beta will be released for Xbox One or PC at this time.

Battlefield Hardline is the latest addition to the Battlefield series and will be a shift for the franchise. Created by the developers of the Dead Space series, Hardline will be policed themed and take cues from hard-boiled TV shows like “The Wire.” Hit up the links below for more details and stay tuned for further updates.

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[via Gamespot]

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