Police in Florida arrested two men last week after finding drugs in their possession, including marijuana hidden beneath one man's belly.

The New York Daily News reports that police pulled over a vehicle near Osteen, Fla. on Friday after noticing that the passenger was not wearing a seat belt. The 450-pound passenger, 42-year-old Christopher Mitchell, reportedly told officers that he was "too fat" for a seat belt. 

However, when the two men appeared uneasy, police brought in a drug-sniffing dog that picked up on the scent of cocaine and marijuana. A search of Mitchell produced 23 grams of weed, tucked securely beneath his enormous gut. Furthermore, cocaine was found on the driver, 38-year-old Keithian Roberts

A handgun was found in the vehicle's middle console, and a tube sock stuffed with $7,000 was recovered during the search, as well. 

[via New York Daily News

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