New information has surfaced about Mirror's Edge from developer DICE, and it may leave some hardcore fans with conflicted feelings about the future of the project. First, the potentially good news: rather than making Mirror's Edge on a timeline, EA is allowing DICE to develop the next-gen successor with only a small team, whenever they can find the time to work on the project, DICE CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson told Eurogamer this week.

Troedsson said the first game's controls weren't exactly the most fun, so the team is focusin on pushing that aspect of the game forward to make the new Mirror's Edge a more enjoyable experience. "We really want to continue doing that but removing a bit of the frustration that came with that in the first game," Troedsson said during the interview. 

Now the potentially bad news: he said that means the team is focusing on first-person combat this time around. The idea is to make the next Mirror's Edge really "fun and accessible." Now, that's not necessarily the worst goal in the world, and given that the game is still a ways off there's no way that DICE can be faulted for making Mirror's Edge next-gen more fun for more players.

That said, it could easily be argued that the first game, in all its this-never-should-have-been-greenlit brilliance, is not really about combat – as a runner your job is to get out of dangerous scrapes through the kinetic extension of Faith's parkour and acrobatics. In other words, Mirror's Edge wasn't really about violence – it was about escape.

The little that's been shown of the game thus far has already sparked concern from the fan community, many of whom would prefer to see Faith's next adventure contain less hand-to-hand combat than its predecessor. It remains to be seen whether or not DICE can make lightning strike twice, though right now it's hard to see a new more combat-heavy Mirror's Edge – as anything but a step down. That said, Troedsson's comments don't necessarily mean that the new game will have more combat, or that by focusing on it in development the team will lose sight of what made the original great, but that scenario isn't entirely off the table, either. For now, let's hope you can still run.

Read the full interview via the link below.

[Via Eurogamer