Say hello to Ansel Elgort, your new Hollywood dreamboat, and goodbye to Robert Pattinson, whose ship, the S.S. Twilight, has sailed. In 2008, Pattinson quickly became every teen's obsession when the then-23-year-old Brit stole hearts by playing a sickly pale yet sparkly vampire who falls for a high school girl in The Twilight Saga. But those days are over, Pattinson is older, and teens need a new, seemingly attainable, and age-appropriate heartthrob to worship. Enter: Ansel Elgort

The 20-year-old actor emerged in Hollywood with last year's remake of the horror classic Carrie as lovable jock Tommy Ross and generated even more buzz as Caleb Prior in this year's Divergent. It seems like the endearing, kind-of-cocky nice guy is exactly the thing that's making Elgort the most popular guy in high schools everywhere. The latest case in point: his role as August Waters in The Fault in Our Stars, which opens in theaters this Friday. Prepare your ears for the screaming tweens.

He's about to become every book nerd's wet dream.

He's got a white-picket-fence smile that's the bane of oral surgeons' existence worldwide.

His hair is like a lion's well-tamed mane.

He's skilled in the art of subway breakdancing...

...and in the art of steal-your-girl ballet.

What's he watching? A smart documentary? So cunning. A romcom? He's romantic. It can't be porn—not with that baby face that can do no wrong.

He's well-read...

...and a big nerd.

He's not afraid to show emotion.

And he motions right into America's pants heart.


But just like Twilight-age R-Patz, people past puberty don't completely get his appeal. So you can have him, tweens. 

[GIFs via Once Upon a GIF Hunt, Ansel Elgort News, Rebloggy]

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