Hey girl, Tom Hiddleston is the new Ryan Gosling. (Before you get your boxers in a bunch, no one's saying he's his twin, OK?) The Baby Goose has been on a break from acting since Only God Forgives, meaning it's open season for new actors looking to swoon the pants off anyone in sight. Thanks to Thor: The Dark World making it big at the box office, Tom Hiddleston, the 32-year-old British actor best known as everyone's favorite villain Loki, has once again taken center stage. Fans can't get enough of him: he's oozes charism and he's handsome as fuck—basically, he's the new Mr. Steal Your Girl. (Sorry, Trey Songz—you haven't had this title in a long time.) Watch out/take notes.

For those naysayers...

He loves to dance...


All around the world.

He may, at one point in his life, have been a go-go dancer.

And he's got the most unfuckwitable reason for his talent.

He can sing. Kind of.

He can joke in English...

And in FRENCH.

He can play you some acoustic guitar on a lazy Sunday...

And he's great with kids.

He proves that chivalry isn't dead...


Especially when he says things like this.

He even treats dudes with the same respect.

He's confident enough to play with himself in public.

Like a big kid.


GIF via Imgur

Most of all, he can make you swoon with a look.

So kiss your girl goodbye.

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