It's hard not to agree with many of the Internet's judgments. Why wouldn’t you hate Justin Bieber or Cliven Bundy? Why wouldn’t you love Jennifer Lawrence or Patton Oswalt? The Internet often has fine reasons for despising one person, work of art, or meme, and championing another. The problem is that in the echo chamber of the Internet, those things that attract our scorn get way too much hate, and those things we like get way too much love. There are those people the Internet decides can do no right, the Miley Cyruses of the world, and there are those who can do no wrong, the Louis C.K.s. It’s not that the Internet is wrong for loving the people it loves so damn much, it’s just that it would be nice if we could admit that everything these chosen Internet champions say and do isn’t necessarily perfect, or as the Internet would say, amazeballs. Yes, we love these people, but considering anyone infallible is an epic fail. Here are 15 People The Internet Thinks Are Always Right.