Rihanna is celebrating getting kicked off of Instagram by making fun of her fans. 

The singer recently posted a picture of sixteen-year-old student Alexis Carter, who wore a dress to her prom earlier this month that was similar to one Rihanna wore to a recent event. After her prom, which was Hollywood-themed, photos of Carter striking a pose that made the arms of her dress look like wings started making the rounds on social media, and the hashtag #PromBat was born. Not soon after, Rihanna picked up on it and added a few jabs herself:

And threw a little Wu-Tang in there for good measure:

A Fox news station caught up with Carter and got her comments after seeing one of her favorite singers make fun of her in front of millions of followers. "I was very offended," she said. "Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn't."

She now says she's afraid to show her face. "She don't love her fans like she says she does," Carter continued.

[via FoxBaltimore]