Drinking can occur anywhere (and often does) and oftentimes the backdrop can take a backseat to the booze. Such is not the case for the 5th annual Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala; It's the rare place where where atmosphere and alcohol (in great quantity and quality) collide. Last Friday, over 100 different cocktails were served up to over 3,000 decked out New Yorkers by some of the city's finest mixmasters in one of the Gotham's most iconic venues: the New York Public Library. 

With its many elaborately decorated rooms filled with booze vendors of every variety, the NYPL transforms into a veritable labyrinth, with a new intrigue (and libation) behind each door. With many guests donning masks, it almost feels like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut. Only, you know, sans the sex party aspect. And with Campari, Hangar One Vodka, Tanqueray and other amazing spirits in lieu of conspiracy theories. OK, maybe the two only had the masks in common. Moving on...

Perhaps the coolest aspect of the gala (besides Big Boi's unannounced performance and the abundance of old school style photographers snapping impromptu Polaroids) was the room devoted to New York libations, where local bartenders prepared cocktails made with locally-made spirits.

Here's to next year's gala being as booze-soaked and unexpectedly whimsical as 2014's was!