Here we go. The time has come to embark on the journey that is summer in Corporate America. Where the emails are a little less passive-aggressive and the ill-timed man shorts are a lot more aggressive-aggressive. Regardless of the outfit faux pas made by a handful of predictably over-zealous coworkers, summer in the workplace is a beautiful time. People are generally happier, which means less people get fired and more people can get away with trouble. The good kind of trouble, not that embezzle like an idiot kind of trouble. Unless what you're embezzling is office stationery, then it’s okay, as everyone knows free office supplies are the unspoken Christmas bonus.

Now, I know most of you don’t need a list of reasons to skip work, so please don’t take the following as patronizing or condescending. Think of it more as a series of suggestions whose purpose is to remind you that living life on your terms is far more important than spending your Friday afternoons somberly staring out a grimy, 11th-floor office window because corporate guilt has you by the proverbial throat. With that said, be smart about it. Don’t go getting all kinds of fired because some freelance writer convinced you that summer is only fun if you shirk the responsibilities of modern society for a few extra hours of basking in the warm embrace of our closest star. Okay, enough of all this lofty rhetoric. Here are 10 Reasons Why Skipping Work Today is a Strong Move.