Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and as millenials have come of age on the Internet, its force seems stronger than ever. For the last few years, it seems that everywhere you look the '90s are being repackaged for us in memes, lists, and reunions. From Girl Meets World to boy band tours, the '90s have a distinct influence on modern pop culture. This week, Million Dollar Arm ushers in yet another key moment in the '90s nostalgia movement. Jon Hamm and company are hoping that your fond memories of The Mighty Ducks, Cool Runnings, and Angels in the Outfield will bring you back to the movie theater for one more feel-good ride.

Looking back at Disney's '90s live-action slate, you're struck by the distance between the quality of the films and our memory of them. Though Cool Runnings and the The Mighty Ducks are by far the best remembered of these movies, there's a bobsled track's length of distance between the two films in terms of quality. You'll probably have forgotten some of the better films of the era even existed until you work your way through our list.

It's hard to see exactly how nostalgia warps our view of things, bringing some pop culture artifacts to the foreground while letting others drift away. One thing that becomes clear examining these movies is that there's a huge gap between our nostalgic memories and the real quality of these movies. We don't want to kill your precious childhood memories, but here is our definitive ranking of the '90s Disney sports movies.

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