Some evenings when you sit in that notorious L.A. traffic gridlock you can only think about one thing: What if you got off of the freeway and made your way toward some In-N-Out? No matter how long you've been in town, if traffic is bumper-to-bumper it takes an iron will to resist jumping off the exit to spoil your appetite. The only problem with scoring a double-double and a Neapolitan shake after a long day at work is that the drive-thru wait time can be longer than your actual commute home. If you hit some of these locations on the wrong day, you could spend an hour idling before indulging in your favorite item on that secret menu. Clearly, not all In-N-Out lines are created equal, so this is a look at which locations across Los Angeles have the busiest drive-thru lines during peak dinner hours (5:30-7:30). You shouldn't have to wait forever for your animal fries.

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