If you thought Apple's recent truce with Google meant things would become quieter on the patent dispute front, you were wrong. The company has filed a motion requesting a sales ban on Samsung products that violate its patents following a recent jury verdict that found in its favor. Apple claims that the continued sale of the devices in question would cause it irreparable damage.

In a separate motion, the company requested a retrial, on the grounds that Samsung's improper and prejudicial statements to the jury warrant a new trial on infringement for the '414 and '959 patents (in the event that the Court does not grant JMOL of infringement), a new trial on willfulness for all patents other than the '721 patent (and also other than the '647 patent if the Court grants JMOL of willfulness for that patent), and a new trial on damages for all five of Apple's asserted patents." 

Will this ever end?

[via VentureBeat]