Next up in Creative Assembly's ongoing short form series of dev diaries for Alien: Isolation is characters – why you want to play a game like this in the first place, to some degree. Ostensibly the video is about how they've put effort into writing believable characters (made more believable by digitally mo-capping the actors' faces, now commonplace in the game), but a more interesting tidbit is casually mentioned during the video: the thought of other threats aside from the alien itself.

The way the diary posits seems to suggest that you'll have to be wary of people trusting you on your travels, but how might that manifest itself? Will the game have a trust factor for NPCs, or is this one way the game's scripting is there to keep you guessing during your playthrough? It's not really clear from what's mentioned here. That said, if Creative Assembly is putting as much effort into storytelling and character-driven narrative – which one would hope for, given that Alien is a very character-driven film itself – as they are aesthetics and authenticity to the era when the original film was made (so, 1979), hopefully Isolation can pay worthy homage to Ridley Scott's classic.

Alien: Isoation is out in October.

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