Location: San Francisco

The Bohemian Club is like a Boy Scout camp for CEOs and politicians. The club is subdivided into camps that try to outdo each other in terms of food and entertainment. Just like the Boy Scouts, Bohemian camps feature skits and sing-alongs. It keeps artists around to write historical pageants and play music. Yes, you read that right, "historical pageants." Every year, The Bohemian Club puts on a play at The Grove, their meeting spot. Apparently these plays involve "a king or commander adored by his men," and they are "lumbering." Though this all seems very silly, some very important people have passed through The Grove. Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, and Clint Eastwood are all said to have been members. Rumor has it that the Manhattan Project was planned at the Bohemian Club. It likely won't shock you to hear that members are generally Republicans and that they wear red pointy hats in some of their ceremonies. How much does it cost to be involved with something so awesome? A $30,000 initiation fee is required up front for the privilege of paying $600 monthly dues. Though volunteering at your community theatre would be much cheaper, it likely wouldn't yield as much influence.