For a city so universally maligned, Los Angeles sure has a healthy-sized population. Why is it then that hordes of people move to the very place that so many others claim to despise? Sure, people come for work, but L.A. isn’t a mega-slum where millions flock because they have no other options. San Diego’s a two-hour train ride away and has lower unemployment, nicer beaches, and better burritos. People move to L.A. for real, particular reasons—some of them valid, others not-so-much. But rather than explore why L.A. is not-so-secretly wonderful, let’s take a look at the folks who ignore all the terrible things they hear about the smoggy, vapid, soul trap and move their entire precious lives here anyway. Here are the 10 types of people who are crazy enough to move to the City of Angels. Perhaps you have some of their crazy in you too.

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