A Georgia teen blew through $25,000 after over $30,000 was accidentally deposited into his bank account, authorities say. (Insert story about why teenagers can't be trusted to manage large sums of money.)

Earlier this month, a man tried to deposit $31,000 into his account at an Athens, Ga. First Citizens Bank. However, there was another customer with the same name, and the teller placed the money in the wrong account. When the 18-year-old on the receiving end of the transaction checked his account balance, he decided to do the responsible thing:

In just ten days, he withdrew $20,000 in cash and racked up another $5,000 on his debit card. His financial joyride came to an end on March 18 when he tried to make another withdrawal and the teller informed him of the error. Worse, the teller told him he'd have to return the money. The teen elected to act like a teen, claiming the money was part of his inheritance that his grandmother had given to him.

When a Madison County sheriff's deputy paid the kid a visit at his home to explain the trouble he was facing if they money wasn't returned, it seemed like he had made a breakthrough. The teen said he would visit the bank to right the wrong, but, like the irresponsible teen he obviously is, he never showed up.

 This is why kids can't have nice things like $31,000 all at once. What the hell did he buy?

[via Gawker]