Fact: Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead air on the same network, AMC. Possibility: Both of them take place in the same universe.

Donna Dickens published an article at Hit Fix speculating that Breaking Bad is really just what happens before The Walking Dead takes place. 

It all started innocently enough. Way back in Season 2. In the second episode 'Bloodletting' we learn from Daryl that his brother was a drug dealer before the walkers came. Taking out a plastic bag with Merle's stash to bring down T-Dog's fever, viewers can clearly see Blue Sky just laying in the bottom of the bag.

This isn't convincing. A) It could just be a nod to the series, an inside joke if you will. B) It could just be the showrunner not knowing much about meth and thinking that it should be blue. What's next?

All the way back to the second episode of Season 1. Doesn't that Dodge Challenger Glenn steals look a little familiar to 'Breaking Bad' fans? It should.

 Okay, that's...odd. Any other evidence?

But the most recent piece of evidence came once again from Daryl. During Episode 12 of the current season, Daryl opens up to Beth about Merle's supplier. Who sounds exactly like Jesse Pinkman.


Well, this is a little too believable. Did unlucky Jesse Pinkman ride off into the dusk, only to find himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? CAN'T HE JUST BE HAPPY FOR ONCE?

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