It isn't often that the music and video game industries collide, but when they do the results have usually been hugely successful. We're all familiar with the massive successes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but even lesser-known, critically acclaimed hits like PaRappa the Rappa were still worth a play. However, aside from the latter title, and the Def Jam video games, hip-hop's collaborations with gaming have been few and far between. Sure, we had 50 Cent's Bulletproof and Blood on the Sand, as well as Wu-Tang Clan's Shaolin Style fighting game, but do any other names really come to mind aside from those?

There's a void in the industry that clearly needs to be addressed. And it certainly isn't as if there is a lack of source material here! Can you imagine what a video game with Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar or Run the Jewels would look like? Awesome. That's what it would like. And to give you a better idea of what you can expect from these rappers and others, we put together a list of The Video Games Rappers Would Make If They Were Game Developers. Any of these titles piquing your interest? Have a read, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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