Few hotels are as famous or as notorious as the Chateau Marmont. For eighty-five years, the Chateau has been the go-to spot for stars who want to exhibit their baddest behavior just outside of the public eye. A West Hollywood landmark, the Chateau has been home to wild parties, secretive trysts, and all manner of drug-fueled, sexy Hollywood legends. Sunset Boulevard and Day of the Locust were written there; The Eagles' "Hotel California" is about the Chateau. From Clark Gable to Leonardo DiCaprio, from Joni Mitchell to Britney Spears, all manner of high profile celebrities have sought a mixture of hedonism and tranquility inside the Chateau’s thick walls. Despite a notoriously tight-lipped staff and a policy of secrecy among guests, some wild stories have escaped the Chateau and landed squarely in the public consciousness. As the hotel prepares to celebrate eighty-five years of that Hollywood life, lets look back at the 10 Craziest Things That Ever Happened at the Chateau Marmont.

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