Suda51's latest game, a collaboration with Tokyo Jungle developer Crispys Inc, is getting a Western PSN release, Namco-Bandai has announced. The fifth creative segment of Short Peace, a series of short films curated by Akira mastermind Katsuhiro Otomo that was released in Japan last year, the mouthful Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day follows your typical high-school-student-by-day assassin that must assumedly make it through a very long day that's made up of a bunch of batsh#%t sidescrolling gameplay that somehow involves running away from Tokyo Jungle's pomeranian, riding Kaneda's sweet motorcycle from Akira and a hell of a lot of pyrotechnics, among other things. 

As you might have guessed, Suda51 wrote the script and served as one of the game's directors, and the whole project was overseen by Otomo in order to have it fit in with the rest of Short Peace. Namco-Bandai has also reportedly said that the game can be finished in as little as two hours, but there will be plenty of opportunity for replayability.

The game is hitting US via PSN sometime this Spring, though it's unclear whether or not Namco intends to release a boxed copy of the game packaged with a blu-ray of Otomo's film anthology as well, as was the case in Japan.

At any rate, between Suda and Crispys, this should be pretty insane.

Via Eurogamer