Dude it attracts: The Golf Bro
Most clutch feature: The PGA-approved golf course

With all the cougar action going down on the golf courses of Scottsdale, you can give a whole new definition to a back door put. Juxtaposed with arid landscapes, Scottsdale putting greens are vibrant playgrounds for both rich dudes and those looking to drink beers and flip golf carts on the back nine. You can play on a PGA-approved golf course at the Tournament Players Club,  do back-to-back 18 hole courses at the gorgeous Grayhawk Golf Club, or enjoy the luxury of the Four Seasons and its adjacent Troon North Golf Course

After a long day on the course, it’s finally time to let the big dog eat and rest up for a completely different kind of masculine showdown the next day. At the Copper Wynd Resort, they offer things like a half-day Hummer tour, horseback riding through the desert, through the canyons or they can teach you how to herd cows at a ranch. If all goes as planned, you can turn your newly-formed cowboy skills into some wild reverse cowgirl after a drunken dude ranch bonfire sing-a-long.