"After the first season, I think the writers started writing specifically for us, the actors. I've gotten to know the writers really well over the last four years, and they've now gotten to know my sense of humor and what I do well. They write for that, they write for our strengths."

"I love comedy, but I've also developed this love for drama from working on Being Human. I feel like a mix of the two is perfect for me, that's where I'm in my happy place. That's what's so great about the show—we find the light in all this tragedy. There's a nice balance of that."

"Being Human, up until recently, was certainly the most dramatic thing I'd done. Before it, I'd done a lot of comedy because comedy comes easily to me. Now I think I've fine-tuned the comedy because I can balance it with the drama and the character's tragic side."

"Sally is such an amazing, endlessly fascinating character to play, too. There's an element of her being self-centered; when people deal with something very traumatic, they become self-involved—that's just how it is. That's why I like her so much; she's realistic. When you take away all the supernatural stuff, her behavior and her needs are really common among people. I like how she uses humor to mask what's really inside, this deep insecurity. She's lost, she doesn't know where she belongs. I love the idea that she finds that and becomes who she is in her death; she didn't know who she was while she was alive. And I like that."

"Growing up, I also didn't know my place. I didn't look like everyone else around me, and I was really insecure about that. I got made fun of a lot. The way I dealt with that was through humor and presenting myself in the way that I want to be seen, and I've found that in Sally, too."

"In Montreal, there weren't that many mixed kids around when I was growing up, which is funny, right, because now it's the complete opposite. But back then, most of my friends were Italian girls who were super developed really young, and there was me, this skinny girl. I went to a Catholic high school, but, while my mother is Catholic, my dad is Jewish. So I was always never fully anything that everyone else was. I always just felt different; I was brought up differently than everyone else was. It was something that made me really insecure, but when I became an adult, I started to really appreciate those things and valued them. That's what sets me apart from everyone else."

"Acting really helped me because I was shy growing up, because of those insecurities. It helped me open up and start appreciating everything that makes me different."