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[UPDATE] 1/14/2014

Microsoft has responded saying that it is not currently working on a Halo film with Scott. Bummer.

Original story follows:

Mondays usually start out with hidden game cancellations, bad releases and hype rumors dispelled. Yet this week is starting off pretty damn good if you're to believe rumors coming out of movie industry rag Production Weekly who claim that there is a new Halo film in the works and none other than Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott is on-board as producer.

Hollywood giant Steven Spielberg is already behind a new episodic Halo series coming out on Xbox Entertainment so it's possible that sources are getting the productions confused. But the image of the Twitter steam below seems to dispel that.


While this is still very much a rumor and unverified at least the hope that Scott could bring a whole new level of style to the series. Regardless of your feelings to Scott's last movie and Alien prequel, Prometheus, this guy packs some serious style points if not lacking in the substance these days.

Xbox Entertainment Studios is Microsoft's attempt at exclusive content for the Xbox One and 360 systems. Upcoming projects include the aforementioned Spielberg project, an episodic game tie-in with Quantum Break, a soccer series and a documentary about the failed – then buried – ET Atari game.

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